Friday, November 28, 2008

Zuma Mobile Ghame Download

Zuma and enjoy a game that will not make you bored fast. Zuma and enjoy the challenge is the elimination of football games to keep advancing the ball from the string of gold reached skull. You control the stone frog idol to shoot the ball like the color of the string in the effort to adjust the color, or more than 3 ball, so remove them from the string. Bonus money will appear that can increase your overall value, and some "special" ball will appear in the string, which can slow the pace of string's progress or delete additional ball only color that match.
The main control summary
Shooting: the OK button
Frog play left or right D-pad left or right
Rotate Frog 180deg: Down D-pad
Swap balls: Up D-pad
Alternate Control Summary
Shoot: 5 key
Rotate Frog Left or Right: 4 key or 6 key
Swap balls: 2 key
Rotate Frog 180deg.: 8 key