Friday, November 21, 2008

Free Downloa Game - Yamakasi

This is a very interesting game to play. Yamakasi game consists of 5 different modes,
you can become one of a host of discipline and you can play in one of 5 different modes:

Training - Learn the basic controls and tricks that will be better and faster during the Adventure and Challenges!
Adventure - Adventure Start as one of the members of Yamakasi! Learn new tricks and win the championship Parkiran!
Challenges - In this mode you can compete for the best, the most points for tricks or the best overall value. Upload your scores and see how you fare against the best!

Free run - Had enough competition? Walking around the city without a time limit. You can practice or just see one of the locations in order to better themselves or the Adventure!
Bonus - Bonus level to provide additional fun! Free run in the casual sense.
Each mode has a complement to the next level, while developing your character. You can perform basic and special tricks, such as monkeys, Reverse, KingKong, UnderBar, UnderBar 360, barrel, KASH, Wallflip, BackFlip, FrontFlip, train, and more Sideflip!

5 game modes! Training, Adventure, Challenge, and Free Run Bonus!
More than 10 locations and levels to complete in each mode.
Play as one of Parkiran master!
Learn new tricks.
3 ways to resolve the (time, tricks, flow).
You upload the high value.
Clock is fun.

Download :
Resolutions 176 X 220
Resolutions 220 X 320