Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Free Mobile Game Download - Heroes

Heroes - The Mobile Game, made in the latest mobile games Gameloft, lifted from the film series production of the NBC Heroes.
In this game players will find a super human being with extraordinary ability as a character in the film.
Scenario games this film is written by the author based on their own Heroes of the season's first movie.
Great news if you're a hardcore Heroes fan (and no, just having 700 online image galleries of Hayden Panettiere bookmarked doesn't qualify you). Gameloft has unveiled screenshots and info of its official mobile game tie-in.
It sees you playing as Hiro, Niki and Peter, with other characters popping up during the course of the game, which features 11 levels spread across four locations, including New York and Las Vegas.
Gameloft has worked closely with the actual writers from the TV show to ensure the storyline is accurate and fitting, although hopefully that doesn't just mean a rehash of the actual narrative from Season One.
You'll be using the three playable characters' special powers, while the game includes several types of gameplay, taking in everything from action to puzzles.

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