Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mobile Game Download - PES 2009

For the familiar game play soccer with the ps2 or ps3, this game could be a choice for the mobile version of it because almost the same as the ps2 games.
This new game from a mega-popular series of football simulators PES is recognized by the best mobile game on GC 2008!
Welcome realistic, as never, matches with the changing weather conditions carefully traced by scenery and perfectly animated by players of favourite commands and fans on tribunes. Besides passion of single game you can test a revolutionary multiuser mode, playing professional football with alive contenders via Bluetooth!

- The official license of UEFA Champions League!
- Star commands and players of the most different leagues
- Bluetooth multiplayer! Now it is possible to play mobile football with friends!
- The mobile version of a hit of consoles and PC
- The best mobile 2008 (under version Game Convention 2008)
- Excellent the schedule with change of weather conditions

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