Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 10 Best Game

Create game lovers this time I suguhkan article 10 game that I think would be a great game, some already in release and some will be released soon. Direct yach aja deh, the following top 10 best games my version.

1. Crysis 2
Crysis 2 is a continuation of Crysis (Crysis first), multiplayer games that will be released this year. Crysis 2 is a science fiction game "shooting video game" against the background of the future after the discovery of a spaceship from an island in the south china sea. At Cyrsis (First Crysis) this game is run with 2 machines, which are now on Crysis 2 became the first game to use with 3 game engine. There is no clear information about the storyline of Crysis 2, but according to some flyers game Crysis 2 incident occurred four years after the events of Crysis (crysisi first). The game is expected to be far more than Crysis (Crysis first).

2. Max Payne 3

Game of the famous rock star is Max Payne, Midnight Club and Grand Theft Auto released Max Payne 3 in 2010, after a previously postponed last year. This game is the sequel to Max Payne video game shooting released in 2001. Absent for more than six years since the last result, Max Payne 3 is now taking the time to take 12 years after Max Payne 2. Continue its sequel, this time Max Payne, who retired from the Police Union in New York (NYPD) has decided to leave New York and wander from one place to another until arriving in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Given 12 years is not a short time it would also affect the appearance of Max right now. Not only seen a few more years, Max also seems darker and more cynical than ever. Max characters seem to change radically without his leather jacket, but he did not aka Max bald hair, a beard and looked "a little" fat (Max said alcohol and painkiller addiction.)

The game is famous because at the time of firing bullets in order to slow down time (slowmotion) so that it can be seen with the naked eye.

3. Splinter Cell Conviction

Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction is the sequel to the fifth Splinter Cell series, this game was announced to appear in the first quarter of 2010. This game has been delayed several times, the game is supposed to be released in July 2009, but the date of release subsequently spent the first quarter of 2010.

The story was developed with the atmosphere of the projected image in real time, Sam has changed and became more rapid and brutal. This game is a solo mission where Sam has left the NSA after an assassin to kill his daughter at first she thought her daughter's death was an accident at the beginning of Splinter Cell Double Agent, but he soon learned that her daughter was killed.

4. Singularty

Singularity is a game of science fiction First-Person-shoting (FPS), this game will be released in 2010. Games are mainly focused on machine tools for the manipulation of time, with technical assistance where you can move objects through time, you can go in the future or the past and you can also use it as a weapon Powerful multi-purpose. Time handling device used to restore life, stasis (stability), and desire. The game took place in 2010 on a mysterious island where various scientific experiments that took place.

5. BioShock 2

Shock Bios is the kind of games First-Person-shoting (SPF) was published in January 2010. This game tells the story of Big Daddies (Big Daddy), a character with super speed and super intelligence. Games drawn in 1970, 10 years after the first shock Bio, where there are several notifications are made about the kidnapping of young girls and the kidnappers. One of the abusers are single women who kidnap young girls and turn them to a creature like him.

6. Dark Void

Dark Void is the game of science fiction action-adventured-game, the game is told with a cargo pilot named William Augustus Grey Bermuda triangle that fell on the mystical, from there he "teleport" to another parallel universe, where she met another man survivors. William and the others had survived the battle with an alien race known as the observers to return to Earth.

7. Star Craft II

Star craft 2, known as Wings of Liberty is a science fiction-military strategy game. The game was announced to be released in the first half of 2010. Background of this game is set in the 26th century, part of the Milky Way galaxy, this game has three species named Terran, Protoss, Zerg.
Star Craft II, mainly focusing on the Terran, gaming plotted for years after the star craft. star craft 2 key designed for competitive strategy. Like the first Star Craft Star Craft 2 are designed for multiplayer. In Star Craft 2 has added some additional functions such as, the replay function, which allows players to record and review past games.

8. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect is a science fiction game-role-playing game (RPG) which was released in early 2010. Mass Effect takes place 2 years after the first Mass Effect, and player choices made in the first Mass Effect will bring into Mass Effect 2. This game will feature a new alien species that should be the best assassin in the galaxy.

There is a big change for the weapon, Commander Shepard has been upgraded with heavy weapons, new missiles and combat techniques. Game design has been improved, and some new planetary exploration vehicle was added.

9. Command & Conquer Tiberian Twlight 4

Command and Conquer is one of the best of real-time game-game-strategy. Command & Conquer 4 announced to be released in 2010, a few trailers have been released in July 2009. Command & Conquer 4 is considered as an online game, EA was also thinking about game mode offline.
Like previous Command and Conquer, the player needs to build his own base, making the troops, funding base and attack the opponent's base. It is said that the game is different from previous Command and Conquer.

10. Fifa 2010

FIFA 10 is the game of football. The release of this game has been delayed several times. Each regional version fifa will feature a different player on the cover, there are 30 leagues and more than 500 teams in fifa 10, and 41 national teams. Additions in FIFA 10 is the Russian Premier League, which has so far only been officially confirmed for the PC version.



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