Sunday, February 20, 2011

Latest Game Collection 2011

Latest Game Collection 2011 - Yapp, emang game is unmatched for fans of the game, with games to relieve stress and fatigue. Therefore ditahun I will update this new collection of lyrical ditahun last game of 2011.
Well this is the last game of the series 2011: 

Crysis 2 Crysis name may already be among PC gamers. Yes, this game offers an exciting gaming experience for kualtas incredible graphics. It is said that the second version of this game is ready to be played later in 2011 with many updates.
Killzone 3
Killzone 3 is a game First Person Shooter (FPS), the most anticipated PlayStation 3 players in 2011. Guerrilla Games Game This arable promised would be in 3-dimensional mode and is compatible with the PlayStation Move.
Uncharted 3 This game features an adventure around the world are enacted by the two main character, Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan. The game is scheduled for implementation in November 2011 for the PlayStation 3 version.
Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect series has always been loved by the players, ranging from the interesting history, amazing quality graphics, unique game system that often captivate gamers. Based on a schedule set, Mass Effect 3 loan players visited the end of 2011.
Little Big Planet 2
The gameplay is designed specifically for the PlayStation game does offer a single system. Media Molecule, the developer of Little Big Planet, even believe that this game could become a new platform. Initially scheduled for November 2010, but Little Big Planet 2 postponed to January 2011.
Mortal Kombat
Although the previous series was less successful on the market, but the latest version of Mortal Kombat fighting system offers an exciting, challenging, with great animation. So do not be surprised if his presence in 2010.
Gears of War 3
At that time series Epic Games add a new gameplay mode titled Beast. This mode allows players to act as the Desert Army massacre of mankind. Gears of War 3 is scheduled for late 2011.
Resistance 3
science fiction game takes 1957 as the era of the background of game viewing previous versions that could be successful, this latest version was supposedly going to collect a fairly high sales figures.
Elder Scrolls V
It took some time for Bethesda Softworks to develop fifth series Elder Scrolls. This game plan would be released in February 2011 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.
Although already beginning to its highest since 2007, but this game will be released in September 2011. Rabies is considered the successor to the success of Doom 3 which was victorious in some time ago.

Deus Ex: Revolution man
With a trailer video on YouTube diberedar, Deus Ex: Human Revolution appears to the system is an interesting game. This game plan will be released on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in April 2011.